Leeds General Cemetery burial records now online

Launching of the Leeds General Cemetery Burial Registers Index.

I'm very pleased to announce the launch of the Leeds General Cemetery Burial Registers Index  - a brand new Special Collections resource offering a unique insight into life and death in Leeds over the course of a century.

The Index contains over 96,000 transcribed entries from the burial registers of the Leeds General Cemetery, which have been digitised. The registers record details for each person buried at the cemetery, between 1835 and 1992. These are now openly available online for students and the general public to access and use for research.

In addition to the index, a new catalogue for the Leeds General Cemetery Company Ltd Archive has been completed. This work was undertaken as part of our Medical Collections Project funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The Leeds General Cemetery Burial Registers Index

The Index provides researchers with a new way to access the information the registers contain, which includes: the deceased person's name, age, gender, dates of death and burial, cause of death, occupation, and details on their parents.

Not only will it be much easier for family historians to find information for individuals buried in the cemetery; the Index can also be used for more in-depth research into areas such as social or medical history. For example, you could chart the prevalence of a particular disease recorded in the registers.

Some of the main features are the ability to browse full lists of all the recorded causes of death and occupationsand view graphs of key statistics from the data.

Please see our guidance documents for tips on how to use the index for your research, and how to find a family member. There is also more information about the data contained in the Index.

About the Archive

The Leeds General Cemetery was opened in 1835 as a public burial ground in Leeds. It was in operation until the 1960s, when the University of Leeds acquired the company and landscaped the site to create a public park. The area is now known as St George's Fields.

The University of Leeds Special Collections holds the extensive records of the Leeds General Cemetery Company Ltd (ref: MS 421). Mainly consisting of business and administrative papers, the archive covers the lifetime of the company, with records dating from 1733 to 1992.

The collection guide contains lots more information about the Company and the records.

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