Digitisation - What have the studio team been up to?

Since our last blog 6 months ago the team have been very busy.

We have produced over 45,000 images for Special Collections customer orders, internal staff requests for publicity and marketing, alumni office requests and of course, images for Treasures Gallery exhibitions, The majority of the images produced are for our programmed work making sure that collections are online and accessible to all. We are slowly working through the Special Collections medieval manuscripts collection, digitised various years from 1930-2007 of the  University calendars,  and over 39 hours of Audio tapes of oral history recollections from the Liddle Collection.  We have also digitised a substantial amount of Leeds Student newspapers.  We're currently working on the 2000's.

Other ongoing projects include digitising the cellulose nitrate negatives from the Godfrey Bingley collection in order to capture the information before the negatives degrade. This has to be done in controlled conditions to protect staff from the potentially harmful fumes that can be emitted from the negatives themselves.

At the time of our last blog we were updating our studio equipment. We now have the use of a new extra copystand, thanks to our new studio manager Ken which enables us to produce more content. We also have a new member of staff temporarily with us to cover a secondment so we welcome Riza to our team. 

Very soon we will be digitising collections to replace some of the items on display in the Treasure Gallery's permanent exhibition later this year. Here's some behind the scenes photos to give you a clue as to what they may be.


Rosie photographing in the Brotherton Room Item from the Liddle Collection

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